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Professional Concierge Cleaning Services

Some people may only want to have their kitchens cleaned, while others require special projects like cleaning out closets, washing special dishware or curio cabinets. At Heaven Scent Clean & Green, we understand that clients have different needs, and our team takes every opportunity to meet them. We provide customized cleaning services to ensure that everyone has an optimal experience with our company. Call us today!

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

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  • Scrub burners and grates to remove grease stains and spills.
  • Steam-clean tile and hardwood floors.
  • Vacuum tile and hardwood floors as an alternative to steam cleaning followed by mopping with a microfiber floor mop.
  • Wash and polish all large and small appliances, like coffee pots, toaster ovens, and food processors.
  • Wash and polish cabinets in kitchens.
  • Wash-down dining/kitchen chairs to remove food, fingerprints and grime.
  • Wipe the base of inside refrigerator shelf. If shelves are empty, we will wash all the shelves and dry them.
  • Clean food stains from the inside rim of the dishwasher.


  • Hand-wash bathroom floors, making sure to get the spots around and behind the toilet.
  • Use pumice stones to remove mineral stains in toilets.
  • Scrub glass shower door and walls to remove mineral/soap scum buildup.
  • Wash cabinets in bathrooms.
  • Scrub window tracks and clean dirt and mold.

Windows, Doors, and Walls

  • Dust or damp dust blinds.
  • Remove dirt, dust and debris.
  • Spot wash walls and remove the oily marks pets leave when they rub against surfaces and corners.
  • Dust and wash baseboards.
  • Wash doors to remove smudges and handprints.
  • Clean and wash tracks on patio doors.
  • Wipe down blinds and windowsills for moth and fly-spit marks.
  • Clean baseplates to front and back door.

Floors, Carpets, and Cabinets

  • Remove heat vents, clean area around floor and vent.
  • Wash and polish cabinets with essential oils.
  • Use commercial grade vacuums, which clean your carpets deeper and fluff the fibers (removing dirt, sand, and small rocks).
  • Clean hardwood floors with a microfiber mop system. This eliminates residue build up on your floors’ surface, which can dull them over time.


  • Polish knick-knacks, vases, and candleholders.
  • Polish glass picture frames.
  • Vacuum under sofa cushions.
  • Wash, dry and burnish, stainless steel appliances with stainless steel polish.